Anyone else tired of repeatedly failing at achieving their best hair? It seems like it’s effortless for everyone else to achieve healthy thriving tresses. We all deserve to feel our best in every way and our hair is a huge part of that.

Many of us including myself, have put in an insane amount of time and energy to solve our hair problems to no prevail. From cutting it, chemical treatments,and buying every product we see in hope’s that something just might make a difference even the slightest one. It’s exhausting to say the least! I myself has gotten  to a point where I was ready to give up!  I started believing my hair was just unhealthy and unable to retain length!

Well finally, after 30 years, I know for sure that is not true in fact the answers are truly simple! Any and everybody is capable of achieving healthy hair, no matter your race, age, and/or  hair type! I want to help you with these simple not so secret secrets that enabled me to achieve my best hair. So before you give up or chop your hair completely off, like I came so close to doing, keep reading, and I’ll share what really helped me to achieve my best hair yet.

First off, you simply need to realize that your hair is unique to you. It’s never going to be like anyone else’s but yours! Not your bestfriend, not your co worker, and as crazy as it sounds not even like your sister’s! I struggled with this my whole life! Always comparing my hair to another person’s wishing my hair was like their’s.  I just didn’t understand at the time but now I do, and what a huge difference it’s made to now know my hair is specific to me,it is not identical to anyone else’s. It is true that some of us may share certain similarities like curl pattern, fullness, length, density, and oily and or dryness. Everyone’s hair is their own. Which finally taught me the important lesson that what works for another person may not work for me. This helped me to understand I had to figure out what worked for MY hair! Once you realize this and stop comparing your hair to anyone else’s you will see a huge difference in the way you view your hair and maybe even yourself.

Another important thing is to create a healthy routine for your hair. Just as you would with any goal you would like to achieve. For example if you want to lose 10 pounds you would create a working regimen to help you achieve your goal in a set time frame. Same concept here, routines are critical when trying to obtain something or maintain something! Consistency makes a world of difference. Nothing too strenuous for your life style but something you can commit to. Taking into consideration your hair type and what your hair needs and responds to. Everyone’s routine is going to vary but I think certain things should be incorporated into every single person’s hair regimen. Such as conditioning and deep conditioning. Most people don’t realize how much of a difference this can make for your hair. I deep condition at least once every week and it had been a gamechanger in the health of my hair! I know that everyone could benefit greatly from a deep conditioning treatment. Another thing you must use in your regimen is water. Water, water, water! It’s simply the best hydration for just everthing especially your hair. Wet your hair as much as  you can whenever you can! And if your hair tends to be on the dryer side you can also add natural oils to your routine.

Lastly but definitely not least is finding the products that work best for your hair. This brings us back to the first two points as well. You must first realize your hair is unique to you.  Which means products that may work great for the next person (even if their hair type maybe similar to yours) may not work well for you and that’s ok. I know this can be a tedious and rather pricey journey. Trial and error is never fun. But it is a critical step to achieving and maintaining healthy hair. Yes you will buy some products maybe even a lot of products that just don’t work in the slightest but how will you know unless you try it right? There maybe times you may try a product and it’s amazing and your hair just loves it and then all of a sudden, one day it just doesn’t work any more! Crazy I know but it happens.  However it’s all apart of the process and so worth it to find that perfect shampoo, conditioner, oil, mousse, gel, leave-in, etc. that leaves your hair looking and feeling its best! Not only will you thank me later most importantly, your hair will thank You!